Rapidly Growing Medical Fields

Rapidly Growing Medical Fields

Work in one of tens of thousands of medical and wellness facilities thoroughout the country.

Unparalled Medical Training Staff

Unparalled Medical Training Staff

Professionals with years of time in the field to their credit provide hands-on, attentive instruction.

Support Beyond the Classroom

Support Beyond the Classroom

Upon completion of our certificate programs, we assist you in finding career opportunities.

Our Courses

Get started in one of these exploding career fields today. Our responsive staff of medical veterans provide you with the real-world experience needed to advance in your chosen path.

  • CPR

    You'll be trained in a method used to help those who are unresponsive with difficulty breathing.

  • Career Development
    Career Development

    You'll learn and prepare yourself to forge a successful future in the medical industry.

  • Clinical Medical Assistant
    Clinical Medical Assistant

    You'll help the physician carry out procedures such as lab tests and administering medications.

  • Administrative Medical Assistant
    Administrative Medical Assistant

    You'll provide helpful, efficient customer service and support medical facility staff.

  • Phlebotomy/Laboratory Assistant
    Phlebotomy/Laboratory Assistant

    You'll be trained to draw blood from patients for tests, tranfusions, donations, or research.

  • Medical Billing & Coding
    Medical Billing & Coding

    You'll follow up with insurance claims to ensure medical facilities receive payment.

  • EKG Technician
    EKG Technician

    You'll use imaging technology to help doctors discover cardiovascular ailments.

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