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Echocardiogram (Cardiac Sonography)

Cardio monographers perform echocardiogram, or ultrasound imaging, to evaluate different different aspects of the heart, such as chamber size, valve function and blood flow. They review patient files and must be familiar with basic cardiac conditions in order to recognize and identify and abnormalities. While cardiac sonographers do not themselves diagnose patients, they work with physicians in doing so or may assist in other diagnostic procedures. Other duties may include scheduling appointments, explaining procedures to patients and maintaining ultrasound equipment.

English to Spanish Patient Communications

You will learn how to do basic communication with spanish speaking patients and also cover basic spanish anatomy & Physiology and Medical Terminology 

Pharmacy Tech

Under pharmacist supervision, pharmacy technicians:

  • supply prescribed or over the counter medications to patients
  • assemble medicines for prescriptions
  • provide information to patients and other healthcare professionals.

Other duties Pharmacy technicians my have:

  • manage dispensaries and other areas of medicines
  • supervise other pharmacy staff
  • produce medicines in hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry.